360° Life

When was the last time you had a chance to explore? Look at all your options? Get someone else’s perspective? Get God’s perspective? Or ask what if...

What if you were given a second chance? What if you could chart out the course of your life? What if you could (really) hear from God?

Each episode of 360 Life approaches these topics and more with foundational truths of Scripture, offering you a fresh perspective.

Ancient texts are linked with current imagery to give familiar stories new opportunities for application in daily life. In vulnerable interviews, brave souls share their most personal struggles and how they’ve applied their faith to make it to the other side. These along with music and teaching are a few of the elements that make up this multi-format experience that has been designed to uplift and engage both the life-long believer and the first- time seeker.

Whether you watch it live or record on your DVR, you won’t want to miss it!

Watch for these upcoming episodes!

Week 1 - Beauty for Ashes
Week 2 - Overcomers
Week 3 - Salt & Light
Week 4 - Secrets
Week 5 - Stand Firm
Week 6 - Least of These
Week 7 - Freedom From Shame
Week 8 - Building Your House on the Rock
Week 9 - Overcoming Rejection
Week 10 - Iron Sharpens Iron
Week 11 - Forgiveness
Week 12 - Trusting God
Week 13 - Why Jesus Came


Executive Producer: Tom Newman / Impact Productions
Producer: Carol Mathews / Current C Creative
Director: Eric Newman
Director of Photography: Randy Stuehm
Writers: Sharon Daugherty / Eric Newman / Candace Lee
Original score: Scott Mathews
Production Manager/AD: Jason Stafford
Associate Producer: Micah Barnard
Broadcast graphics: Daniel Hook
Online edit: Don Stephens / Randy Stuehm
Offline edit: Evan Derrick

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